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Street Team

Photo by: Marty Rickard

The Shaun Murphy Street Team is a Fan Club where people who love the blues get together! This select team is for Shaun’s fans to dig in and get active in the music community on Shaun’s behalf. How much you can pitch in is totally up to your own schedules to help spread the word for Shaun. It’s the way for you to connect with Shaun and the music, in a tight-nit inner group!
This is to create the high profile visibility that will increase all realms and facets to help Shaun and advance radio airplay, and thereby increasing audience attendances everywhere. As many of her friends, you’ll be familiar with the grass roots movement of the Feat years. There were no better folks, helping promote the upcoming shows and getting this train on the right tracks!
So come on and be a part of the team! The sky’s the limit, when it comes to imagination, and your warm hearted ambition. To join, simply complete the registration form below. You’ll be contacted soon. Welcome everybody!!!!
I want to introduce you to my good friend Sandi Burke, who is the president of the team. She will be handling all communications for the team from now on.
 I’m so excited to have you hook up with her. Here’s her email: SMBstreetteam@gmail.com
Please let me know if you still want to be involved.
This machine is getting ready to roll.
Make sure you let us know the city and State where you live, to get you notified when we need your help!!

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