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I am very happy with everything.John 'blueshammer' Hammer; Producer/ Host of Hammered By The Blues radio on KOWZ 1170am/106.3fm

Shaun proves that she can take over any stage, her live show is breathtaking!Gil Anthony, Blues Power, KBA Recipient Commercial Radio

Shaun’s voice just keeps getting stronger, give her a tune and she owns it.Larry Lisk - WMNF

Full of polish and fire, Shaun’s voice carries every song. It’s the EXPERIENCE that she brings to the Blues! No doubt about it, this voice is all about the Blues.Gary Miller - BluesSource

When an artist possesses a resume as impressive as Shaun Murphy, you already know they are the real deal. When you hear Shaun’s voice live, your ears do not lie; she is an angel who stepped out of the Angelic Choir and is walking this earth.John 'blueshammer' Hammer - Hammered By The Blues Radio

To call her chops powerhouse is an understatement. This is a seriously booty-kicking vocalist.Peter "Bluesman" Lauro - Mary4Music

WORLD TAKE NOTICE!!! There is a new lady in the room. One of impeccable talent. Strength, power and confidence is ever present in her style. Clearly a new force that should be noticed and enjoyed by Contemporary Blues lovers. She will flat lay you out a woman who is very comfortable within her self and her talent. Her love and dedication to her music has created her legacy.John Piott - BluesBlast Magazine

Nobody should sing Bob Dylan’s “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry” except Shaun MurphyChip Eagle: Blues Revue Magazine

Shaun’s one of my favorite singers.Bonnie Raitt

A truly great voice doing a pure blues album. Heaven!Bob Seger

Loretta’ hit me like a open throttle freight train; huggin’ treacherous mountain curves without a moment’s hesitation. It is an infectious and perfectly satisfyin’ thrill ride! When I caught the last note, all I could do was jump up and down yellin’ “DAMN, Let’s do that again!” Shaun Murphy and her band seriously deliver what you just gotta have!John Hammer

Shaun Murphy’s latest, Loretta, offers a master class on how to rock the blues. The arrangements are powered by the stellar fret board work of Rob McNelley, Jim Fiano, and the slashing slide of Allman Brother Band alumni Jack Pearson. But the guitars take a backseat to Murphy’s magnificent voice. On hard-driving tunes or late-night confessions, her superb phrasing and vibrant soulfulness make you…Mark Thompson

Three-Time Grammy Nominee

Double BluesBlast Winner

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