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Steal Away

Back at The Hilson Studios!! I’ve been wanting to do a vid on this song for ages…..finally managed to do it with my wonderful band….Tom DelRossi on Drums, John Marcus on Bass, Kenne Cramer on Guitar, Tommy Stillwell on Guitar, and Eric Robert on Keys.

Shaun's Story

In Shaun’s musical career, she has sung with some of the best musicians of her generation. Bet you’ll be surprised to learn some of the things she’s done in her over 40-year career.

Shaun's Videos

If you want to learn about Shaun Murphy’s amazing talent, begin by watching some of her videos. It’s where you can see the power of her voice and the joy she brings to the stage at every performance.

Shaun With Little Feat

One of the many high-water marks for Shaun was the 15 years she spent as part of the seminal band Little Feat. Here’s a bit of the story of Shaun and Paul, Bill, Sam, Richie, and Fred.

What People Are Saying

Anyone who’s performed with Shaun knows what a great singer she is. Here’s what some of the greats of the music business have to say about Shaun.

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Some of our favorite videos from over the years.

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“Turn Me On” – Shaun Murphy Band

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“Reason To Try” – Shaun Murphy Band

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“Feels Like Rain” – Opening for Bob Seger

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“Be Good To Yourself” Live at Callahan’s Music Hall, Detroit

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Memories – and snapshots that keep them alive.

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Remember when we could sing and go outside without a mask?.....I think I do.....!!! #unmasked #HealthyLiving
about 4 hours ago | @shaunmurphyband


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