Greeting everyone. It’s been such a terrible winter…..I am so, so sorry for all of those people being affected by the worst winter we’ve had in many years….. and now so much flooding…my home state of Nebraska has had so much devastation, I wonder if they’ll have a recovery any time soon… prayers and condolences go out to everyone!!! Please, I urge you to help where you can!

I got a chance to do another duet with my friend Don Ray for his new upcoming CD down in Muscle Shoals, recording at The Nuthouse Studios…..thanks to Richard A. Stacey for this shot from the last duet we did: Love Is…..

I’m having a few weeks off from the Seger tour, so I’m finishing up my new CD (yet to be named….) img-7

over at Kevin McKendree’s studio; Rockhouse in Franklin, TN. He is amazing, also playing crazy cool piano on every tune… My boys did an incredible job on all the tracks; Tom DelRossi on drums, John Marcus on bass, Kenne Cramer and Tommy Stillwell on all guitars, Eric Robert (currently out with my pal Coco Montoya) on B3 and Miqui Gutierrez on some sax!!! I’m waiting with bated breath, so excited to hear the final mixes and then the mastered tracks…


Not sure of the release date as yet, but I’ll be keeping you all updated as we go along!
So stay tuned!!!

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