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Tacoma!! We finally made it, holy cow, what a trip…. After two failed attempts, both weather-wise and health-wise, we ended up here in the Tacoma Dome last night. Oh, my gawd, the fans were just wonderful, rabid, I loved it, loved it, loved it!

We actually stayed in Seattle so, another great city and we got a chance to go down to Pike Street Market and you know the usual ‘touristy’ things and eat it all these different places….


So anyway we are, we were pumped and ready to go, we ended up by hitting a lot of traffic getting out there to the Dome. But anyhow, we got over to the Dome, and lo and behold we see this picture, just massive picture of a Bob promo on the wall it was pretty cool, pretty cool….


Then actually walking into the venue, wow, it was, it was way bigger than I thought it was going to be and the Dome gave you give me the feeling like it was going to be inside a spaceship for heaven sakes. Just a really cool place and the sound was really good too, that’s what I was really particularly liking because a lot of these venues we go in they have the metal ceilings, and you get the bounce of the sound and everything is just kinda one echo after another, it’s just crazy. But the Dome is it is really acoustically better than so many of these other venues so bravo Tacoma!


Last but not least, we get a picture of Paul Bassett, the drum tech extraordinaire and Laura Creamer we’re all getting ready for ah, well, it looks like we’re getting ready to go on Twitter, I’m not sure, but we’re getting ready to go to soundcheck and get this thing rolling.


I want to say again, thank you so much to all the fans and all the people that came for the third time, to see Bob’s show, and see all of us, we had such a great time and everybody in the audience just participated and was sing-along like crazy, gawd, you guys are just the best!


We love the Northwest and get to spend a little more time actually. We’re gonna head off to Eugene, Oregon tomorrow, so, get to see a little bit, hopefully, without the rain hampering anything!


Hopefully, we’re going to get over to walk in the redwood forest a little bit. I got a chance to do that when I was working a Little Feat back in the day, and it’s just it’s a phenomenal experience!! So many of you that are listening to this and haven’t had a chance to check out that area of the country, please, please, you know, put that in your bucket list because Seattle, Tacoma, Oregon, Portland, and Eugene wherever in the Northwest it’s just a phenomenal place!!

So set your clock, set your bucket list, come on out.

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