Only a few more shows till the final 'bell'!

As usual, you can hear the blog on my youtube channel, but the pix are all here:

I love Memphis, and we had a great time I have to tell you right now. We, we’ve been trying to get this band picture taken and hasn’t been happening from one thing or another for each of the venues we been trying to pull it together and most of the time we just ran out of time and it was time to go get ready to the gig. img-7 We got over there early to the venue we loaded up all the vans and what not and drove over to Memphis and as you can see across the street from the gates of Graceland is Lisa Marie’s plane, in all her glory. We got out in the parking lot there and assembled and they closed the gates and this great photographer took about a million shots, man she was fast. I have to say! Took the band shots and so you can see, gosh, we got, let’s start from the back Greg Morrow, Keith Kaminski, this is all from left to right, Moose Brown, John Rutherford, Mark Chatfield, & Alto Then the next row is Mark Byerly then Chris Campbell and then of course Bob Seger, Craig Frost and then down in the front row we’ve got on the left Rob McNelley, Laura Creamer and me, Shaun Murphy, and of course, Barbara Payton.


  So that turned out great it was absolutely a beautiful day beautiful, beautiful day. It was kind of quick and I thought we might be able to go in and take the tour, but, no, we didn’t have enough time, maybe another time…..   So we get back to FedEx and of course, right as we get into the building, we see this huge sign; “Bob Seger-Sold Out”.


We’ve only got a few more shows for this tour so we’re all a little bit,  a little bit teary-eyed I have to say…   We get ready to do the soundcheck and then of course and we have a catering, got to go to catering, then back to the dressing rooms and get ready for the gig.   You know this it’s a quick, oh I’d say, a quick 12-hour day. Everybody says; ‘come on to my house, because, you know, you only work an hour and a half maybe two hours, so you got all this time’. Well, no, we have all of our time really structured so, but you know,  where we’ve all been doing this for so long is it automatic reaction we just do the 12 hour day that’s the way goes!   So anyway, we get ready to do the gig and we walk out of the hall and who’s there but Kid Rock!! Bob had wanted him to sit in and sing something but, he was feeling a little bit under the weather, so he just said ‘well I just want to watch’.


So we got a chance to get a cool picture with him, of course, there’s me on the left, kid Rock, and then sneaking in the back there is John Rapp, head of our security, Miss Barbara Payton and Stacy who is one of Kid’s background singers, fabulous singer, and of course to the right our lovely Miss Laura Creamer. We had a great response from, you guys were just stellar, I have to say. I will see you this winter at the IBC’s so come on by, it’s a great function the International Blues Challenge. I come to that almost every year and also the BMAs (Blues Music Awards) which is right around May which is Memphis in May time of year and my birthday May 6 so come on in Memphis and spend some time and see some great music.   All right on till next time, I’ll talk to you later!