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Hello Rapid City, SD, we are here and chomping at the bit to get to the show tonight! Can’t wait to see all those smilin’ crazy, crazy faces! Anyhow, we got here a couple of days ago to do a little bit of decompression going on, so we’re relaxed and we had the tech. rehearsal yesterday. So I walked in and they had all the chairs all set up already and got a shot of the venue and the backdrop, and the screen and everything and we’re ready to hit the stage for a tech. rehearsal which went absolutely great, Bob’s in really, really good spirits, he’s been working hard on our time off just gearing up for all these fall dates so here we go, can’t wait. Here in the office, piled high with papers, we’ve got our production team of Mark Hogue on the right over there and then Karen Colvin, his right-hand assistant, gosh, they do above and beyond work over the production company, I tell you that, they take care of all of us! img-6 Anyway, going on I was walking down the hall to get to our dressing room and lo-and-behold, I find the Motor City Horn’s dressing room, on this door, this really cool door; ‘Finding Wisdom’, what are the odds of that? But I thought it was a cool door, so I took a picture, you can even see me taking a picture of the picture in the frosted glass there. So finished a heavy day, hours and hours of the tech. rehearsal and got it all squared away. img-7So Heather, our driver, that was taking us back to the hotel, asked us if we wanted to drive around and see any sites? So, yeah, we said absolutely. We probably are only time of getting out and seeing the city so, I mean, the sun is already coming down and couldn’t get too many pictures in the city so I didn’t even include them, but, oh my god, it was just gorgeous, with the heavy clouds rolling in but..…. She took us over to the Dinosaur Park, which, I mean, I am a big fan of dinosaurs so I was thrilled to be there, so I’m taking a picture of Barbara taking a picture and Laura over there and as we're walking up to the brontosaurus over here, getting ready to meet up with him. img-8 So after that, the sun was just too far down in horizon so we couldn’t take any pictures. Anyway, we are getting ready! I am already getting all my ducks in a row to head over to the venue right now, so, I will meet everybody there, can’t wait to see you. Just so, give us a wave, give us a wave. We love you guys, can’t wait. See you next time!!!